Monday, 6 August 2012

Day 67 - Do you have a favourite author?

It's a little sad when I feel like a few days have gone by, and then notice that the last time I blogged was before my birthday!!  *slap* BAD Hannah!

I adore reading, and adore books, and have sooo many in my collection that get read every 6 months or so.

One of my all-time favourite authors, however, has to be Robin McKinley.  I've loved her writing since I was around 13.  Have you ever read her re-telling of Beauty and the Beast?

It's simply called, "Beauty", and on my 'read every 4 to 6 months' list.  It's also on my list to read to my daughter when she gets a little older.

I have read many books by Robin McKinley, and her forté  is fairy tales and legends (like Robin Hood).  But telling them in a wholly different way, a way that lets you inside the character's mind, and into their life.

I read all kinds of genres, and in fiction, my tastes run from fantasy to mystery to a good laugh.  My hang-up is finding an author I like, whose writing style I appreciate.

While Robin's books might feel slow at the beginning and hard to get in to, it doesn't take long before you're immersed in the world that she has woven around you.

Give her a try!

And tell me, who is your favourite author?

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  1. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favorites to watch, but I have never read it before. Sounds like it would be interesting.